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July 2016 landslides
Reported landslides occurring during July 2016. Friday 8 July to Saturday 9 July Heavy rain in the Coromandel caused flooding and slips closed many roads in the region. The following roads were affected by slips: SH25A Kopu – Hikuai  closed due to slip between Kirikiri Valley Road and Puketui Road. SH25 Wade Road to the 309 closed. Tapu-Coroglen closed due to slip. Kennedy Bay Road closed due to slip.…
In September 2014 a ‘target’ was established on the top of Donald Mound at White Island that was large enough to be seen in the web camera images. This gave the GeoNet volcano team a reference point on the web camera images and from this we were able to track the water level in the Crater Lake.  We were able to track over 5 metres of water level change before it was destroyed by the 27 April 2016 eruption. This week we have established a new target on the crater rim,…

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